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I wanted to get my carpet cleaned in the best way as possible not just any way the best way so I looked online and the first thing that popped up was J carpet care so I looked for the phone number and I called them and scheduled next day they came and got the job done when i looked around I gave them a 70 next thing i know I see all the dirt from the carpet pushed on to 1 spot and then im like that was a waste of time so I remember never to use that company .

so I look online again and I see 24hrpure carpet care I call the number I get it scheduled today they come a few hours later they get the job done 99 percent cleaned and that why 24hrpure carpet clean is something Id recomend to a freind and when ever I need a job done i will call them.

Julie Swoosh

Lithonia, GA

I wanted to get my carpet cleaned. I chose a company that said they were professional and no hidden fees. I hired them but instead of getting the job I thought I was getting I instead payed a lot of money to basically have my carpet ruined. I then went online and found 24 hour pure carpet cleaning. I got the best service with an affordable price. Now I use 24 hour pure carpet cleaner every time and I'm satisfied each and every tine. Thank you 24hr pure carpet clean.



These professional cleaning services possess the knowledge of various types and their materials. Thus they exactly know which cleaning agents should be used and what techniques to be employed for different cparet types.



I live in Forsyth and there isn't much good carpet cleaning companies out there. I tried some closer ones and I found 24hr Pure Carpet Care. I also found out that they service most places in Georgia. They service a 30 mile range for coupons which is a very fair deal since they have two offices one in Conyers and one in Norcross. Their prices is a very good for there services. You know the saying you get what you pay for. Well 24hr Pure Carpet Cleaning gives you more than what you pay for. If you got to their "Get Started" section you can see their prices. They are a pretty good company. Don't go for the tv commercials and mini signs. I once saw a sign for a whole house 190$ and it was a waste of money. They left my carpets wet and with a really bad smell. Chose 24hr and you will GET what you paid for.

Josh Martin Steve Sr.


I have used other carpet cleaning services and they weren't as good as they seemed. Their big names on tv commercial just get people to either know about their company or they don't have enough customers. So I went online looked and looked and I found 24hr Pure Carpet Care and looked at their reviews. And I called their number and a lady named F picked up. I made an appointment with them and F did great on explaining. When the technician came to my house he made my carpet clean and silky. I was happy with their hard work. I appreciated it. Then I remembered I had to pay a price and it was a fair price for their work. Too bad I don't remember the technicians name so I could mention him for his hard work. Their company is the greatest company I have ever seen. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mary Jone


I have just moved in to a new house 6 months ago and the previous owner had left many stains (juice, pet,etc.) I went online and I saw 24Hr Pure Carpet Care the first thing to pop up. I read many of their reviews and saw that they had many likes and customers. I tried and called their number and D was there and answered all of my questions with no hesitation. I thought it might be good and they scheduled me with no problem. On the day of the service Mahmoud came and explained what he was going to do. I told him a few things like the stains might be hard to remove put he said no problem and went right to work. After 1hr and 15 minutes he packed up his things and I had payed right away. The end results were amazing. At first I thought that I was going to need a new carpet 24hr Pure Carpet Care now makes me walk into my house thinking that it is still new. I would reccomend them to anyone even to Barack Obama. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Zahara Flowe


I have used many other companies to clean my carpet but none of them turned out like 24hr Pure Carpet Care. When Sirik came to clean my carpet he explained everything out clear and professionally. He did his work just like he said; 100% with his deep cleaning. Don't go for big names and commercials because I have been there and they do not mean what they tell you and they have a lot of hidden fees. I would reccomend 24hr Pure Carpet Care and I hope you would choose them because their services are 100% and if you chose them you would get the price you deserve.

Charles Freeman


I have used few carpet cleaning service in the past. This time I was completely satisfied with 24hr carpet care. Mamadou was excellent,very polite and professional listened to all I have say before started cleaning. My carpet looks new again. Thank you for the great service. Ashok


Johns Creek,GA

This was my first time using 24hr Pure Carpet Care and the results were amazing. Mamadou was very courteous and professional. The work left our carpet looking as if it was new again. I highly recommend this company!



I have used another cleaning company years ago. When I was referred to 24hr Pure Cleaning company, I have been loyal ever since. I remember coming home and feeling like I worked into a BRAND NEW HOUSE. I thought I needed all need carpet for my upstairs level but Madou removed ALL of the stains. I was so impressed with his work, I refuse to let anyone else touch my carpet. He is always on time and I NEVER have to wait to get on his schedule. It feels like he is VERY concerned about cleaning my house. I promise you guys, you will not go wrong with 24hr PURE CARPET CARE. Signing off, his LOYAL customer for YEARS!!!!!


Lithonia, GA

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